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Wrinkles, Spots and Crows Feet, Oh My!

     So, I was brushing my teeth before bed and my eyes wandered to an unopened jar of  fancy 'age defying' cream that I acquired from somewhere and I opened the top to smell it. After reading the directions which promise results in 3 to 7 days, I figured "why not?" and smoothed some on my face and neck. Never forget the neck girls. It will betray you faster than a speeding locomotive. The face might say 45 but the neck will tell everybody you are long past the senior discount at IHOP. Anyway, after I rubbed it in I read some more 'promises' on the jar and discovered one of the claims was that it would 'erase' 5 years in just a matter of time if I used it faithfully.        Well, I'm easily distracted and that made me start thinking which usually makes me start writing. So, my thoughts turned to the past 5 years. Now, please don't think I really believe it's actually going to 'erase' 5 years...I'm not ready for the home for the

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