Oh my! How I have neglected you my blog! It's not like I really needed something else to feel guilty about. I mean, seriously, in the busy times we're living in, who doesn't battle guilt now and then? Say you've worked hard all day and you come home thinking how great it would be to vegetate on the couch watching HGTV. But then you consider the two loads of laundry you should be doing and the package of meat that you forgot to take out of the freezer for supper.  So, you give up on the idea of vegetation and start sorting clothes and defrosting hamburger in the microwave.

     Immediately the telephone rings and someone on the other end continues the quest to drive you over the edge with guilt by reminding you that you haven't done something you really should have done. You can fill in the blank here with various choices. There are at least a million of them. Most of mine involve people I haven't been to visit in a long time and should really try to see more often. They are right of course. I'm just not sure how to work that in between the spin cycle and the defrost cycle. 

        If you choose to fry up that hamburger into patties topped with fried onions and whip up some quick, if not too tasty, fake mashed potatoes, you feel guilty because it would have been much better to bake a meatloaf perched on a wire rack to drain the fat while steaming some broccoli and carrots. There's that guilt again which you can wash down with a little iced tea made with artificial sweetener (which some people say really isn't good for you and might be pickling your inner regions).

When I had young children, I felt guilty because I had been at work all day, so I tried to spend as much time with them as possible playing, reading and talking. Then I felt bad because I wasn't able to spend quality time with my husband so I tried to plan extra time with him. 

         Sometimes you give in to wild abandon and sit up late reading or enjoying television or even the internet. Then you feel guilty because you really need more sleep and how will you ever keep up at work if don't go to bed? You finally go to bed to lie there thinking about all the things you need to do but haven't done.

    So, I'm here to say I'm not going to let anybody make me feel guilty. I'm doing a great job of it all by myself. Blog, I apologize. I'll do better. Maybe.


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