Dinner is Served!

     Sometimes I even impress myself. I'm certainly no domestic goddess but I can't tell you the times I've put off getting together with family or friends because lack of planning or lack of time made it seem impossible. We've all been there. You want to have somebody over and when you get through planning the menu, grocery shopping, cleaning the house, re-arranging calendars and cooking like a crazy person, you're exhausted and declare you'll never do it again!

    In the middle of a crazy week at work I decided I wanted to see my extended family, namely, moma, my brother, his wife and their kids. I wanted to include our kids too even though I didn't know with their schedule whether they'd be able to make it. It was a last minute thing and as I wondered and worried over what to cook, I had an epiphany. I decided not to cook at all. So, after getting off work late today, I ran to the store and picked up sodas, plastic cups and plates, a huge bag of those really fattening crinkle fries and a couple of other necessities. My next stop was Little Ceasar's pizza where I ordered three large pepperoni pizzas and then I stepped on the gas to make it home as they were pulling in the driveway.

    In just a few minutes I had fries in the frying pan, ice in the cups, pizza on the table and a houseful of people talking and laughing. After we filled up on pizza and fries (next time I really need to grab that bag of salad mix) I pulled out my handy dandy dessert: a big box of ice cream sandwiches.

    We all ended up full and happy. We had a great time together talking and looking at family pictures on the computer. I enjoyed spending some one on one time with Moma and none of that would have been possible if I'd spent all my time in the kitchen making meatloaf and mashed potatoes or baked chicken and three sides. 

    So, I'm very happy with the way things turned out. And although it wasn't the healthiest meal, I haven't read any accounts of people dying by eating just one less than nutritious meal...unless they choked on something. It was a successful night and I'm going to bed happy after seeing some of the people I love the most. 

    This domestic goddess stuff is a piece of cake...frozen Pepperidge Farm cake...aisle 9...with Cool Whip. Whew, I need to sit down and put my feet up.


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