My Family

Home really is where the heart is for me! I love my family and I truly believe God's purpose for my life was to be a wife and mother. Nothing else I've done has ever given me as much happiness and true joy. My family is the light of my life. Other people may get misty-eyed at the thought of a promotion in their career or seeing their name up in lights, but for me, knowing that I have a wonderful husband who loves me unconditionally and knowing that I have raised two extraordinary sons is all the success I need in life.

I'm going to attempt to tell you just a little about each one of these people that I love so much. I'll just hit the highlights or we'll be here all day!
So, I'll start with the man in charge...the man who holds this family together...the man who still makes my heart skip a beat after almost 33 years of marriage. 

I like to tell people I fell in love with his singing before I fell in love with him. The first time we met was at a little pentecostal church and Neal was one of the guest singers. He opened his mouth to sing and I decided instantly that Elvis and an angel had been rolled up into one singing voice. It was beautiful. I missed the chance to meet him that night but God was already at work and just a couple of weeks later we ended up at another church singing on the same night. (I should have seen it coming...this man has kept me in church all my life! :) To my amazement, he actually introduced himself to me that night and the rest is history. 
We got married on July 7, 1978. There's never been a dull moment. We've been through it all together...when we said "I do" we really did! It would be impossible to list all the reasons I adore this man but here are a few: He is, and has always been, the spiritual head of our home. I feel protected knowing that he not only loves us but prays for us and asks God for direction in everything we do. He loves me just like I am (which is a miracle in itself on some days!), he cares about my feelings, my happiness makes him happy, he believes in me, he cooks (!), he brings me flowers and cards, he writes poetry for me (bet my boys don't even know that), he sings to me in the car (it still sounds like Elvis & angels) and he listens to me talk or cry or complain as long as I need him to. He loves God and loves people. The man makes friends everywhere he goes. I tell him it's like being in a parade when I'm with him in a public place because he's always waving and speaking to people. He is the best husband in the world and I'm so glad God blessed me by giving me such a good man. Okay, the man is perfect. I don't know how I got him other than God knew I needed him to keep me straight. I love you Neal. Forever. You light up my life!!!

We had been married for 7 years when Jason was born. You would have thought we were the only couple to ever have a child. We had 7 great years together where it was all about us and what we wanted to do and where we wanted to go. Now, it was all about this wonderful new addition God blessed us with. Wow! Whoever said having a child is making the decision to let your heart go walking around outside your body for the rest of your life...said a mouthful! It's the gospel!
How can I tell you about our oldest son in just a few paragraphs? Of course he is good-looking. And I would say that EVEN if I wasn't his mother! : ) He is talented and smart. It's been an amazing thing to watch him grow up. Just when I think I know all there is to know, he surprises me. He's always been good with computers and he sings great and plays the guitar and piano, but then I find out he can take a car apart and put it back together and he can build things. I think he literally can do anything he decides to do. From the time he was born he's always been curious and interested in everything. He has so much energy and enthusiasm for life. When he was young we couldn't get him to sit still during the day to watch a movie. He always said, "Not while it's daytime! There's too much to do!" 
Jason has a wonderful sense of humor and watching him laugh is one of my true joys in life. He can make his dad laugh when no one else can.
I've been privileged to watch him grow into a fine man. His good qualities are too many to list. He's hard-working, good-hearted, giving and he is a devoted husband. We watched him work full time and finish college and through it all he was dedicated and committed to making it all happen.  Most of all, he loves God. I'm so thankful God blessed us with such a wonderful son. He makes us proud every day.

How long is the baby, the baby? Forever. Even when he's old and bald. Just before Jason's 4th birthday God blessed us with another son. The minute the doctor said "It's a boy!" I was thrilled beyond belief! Then and now, I can't think of anything that could compare to raising two boys!
Justin has been a source of pure joy from the very beginning. Again, how do I condense all his wonderful qualities into a few paragraphs?
Yes, he is handsome! He has eyes that dance when he laughs and he loves to laugh. He is smart and talented in so many areas. He is great with computers and loves technology. He is an exceptional photographer. And although I'm probably not supposed to say this, he is a great singer and a really good dancer. (It's a secret).
Justin loves children and is going to be a wonderful teacher. He sees this not only as a job but as a calling. He never ceases to amaze us with his talents and interests. He loves animals. I think he would bring home every stray he could pick up if we had the money to take care of them. He feels genuine compassion for people and does a lot of good things to help people that no one ever finds out because he does it from his heart and without fanfare. 
He has a wonderful sense of humor and we all laugh together so much. He entertains us. He loves music and fills the house and car with it. If you're spending time with Justin, you're listening to music!
Most of all, Justin loves God and I am so proud that God blessed our home with such a fine son. He makes us proud every day!

You send your son off to church camp like you've done for years and he comes home in love with a girl he says is "different than anyone he's ever known." He tries to describe her and says, "She's so full of life and she's happy and she smiles all the time and she motivates everyone around her to want to be their best."
Before you know it, they're dating and time is passing and then they're talking about marriage. And then it happens: you watch as two young people stand before God and their family and friends and become husband and wife. And you are amazed as you watch them grow and learn more about each other and work together to make their dreams come true.
Keitha is the daughter-in-law I would have chosen if I could have picked her out of the Sears catalog and custom created her! She has so many good qualities it's hard to name them all. She is happy all the time. She has an infectious, bubbly personality, she really, really, really loves people, she is a genuinely good person who hates to see anything bad happen to anyone. She always tries to do the right thing, she works hard and she's smart, gifted and very talented. She sings like an angel and she puts her heart into whatever she's doing. 
She's thoughtful and considerate and always doing things for others. She works, goes to school, the grocery store, cooks, cleans and makes it all look easy.
She has been very committed to finishing school to become a teacher and she doesn't let anything stand in the way when she makes up her mind. 
She became part of our family and in some ways it feels like she has always been a part of us. Maybe it's because we were praying for God to send her even before we knew her name. From the time my sons were little boys I prayed for God to raise them up a wife that would love them and most of all, love God.
Keitha is the answer to that prayer. She's a wonderful wife to our son and a dedicated woman of God. Who could ask for more?


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