Wrinkles, Spots and Crows Feet, Oh My!

    So, I was brushing my teeth before bed and my eyes wandered to an unopened jar of  fancy 'age defying' cream that I acquired from somewhere and I opened the top to smell it. After reading the directions which promise results in 3 to 7 days, I figured "why not?" and smoothed some on my face and neck. Never forget the neck girls. It will betray you faster than a speeding locomotive. The face might say 45 but the neck will tell everybody you are long past the senior discount at IHOP.

Anyway, after I rubbed it in I read some more 'promises' on the jar and discovered one of the claims was that it would 'erase' 5 years in just a matter of time if I used it faithfully.  

     Well, I'm easily distracted and that made me start thinking which usually makes me start writing. So, my thoughts turned to the past 5 years. Now, please don't think I really believe it's actually going to 'erase' 5 years...I'm not ready for the home for the befuddled and bewildered yet...but I started thinking about the past five years and realized they've been full...and wonderful. In the last five years my mother still knew who I was and talked to me on the telephone every day. She called me her "gal" and told me she loved me and said thousands of other things that I wish I could hear again.

     In the past five years I've spent extraordinary days with my husband and children. I've laughed until I've cried, cried until I've laughed and added sacred and silly memories to my stockpile for old age. I've watched both of our sons graduate from college, get jobs, and work in their own God-given ministries. I've heard the words "You're going to be grandparents!" and I've held in my arms the most precious gift delivered straight from God's heart to mine. I've met another irresistible little boy with sky blue eyes and a mischievous smile who cuddled right into my heart the first time I held him. I've watched the first daughter God blessed us with become a loving and patient mother. And I've recently found out He's giving us another daughter to love! My cup overflows!

     There have been moments of extreme joy, uncontrolled laughter, salty tears, roller coaster ups and downs, powerful pride and family fun. These five years have been full and busy, sometimes chaotic and crazy, productive and happy. And they are mine. God gave them to me. And I am thankful beyond words for what I've been given.

      So, who knew a jar of face cream could stir up all this? But I'm happy to say my age spots and wrinkles don't occupy my thoughts too often. And I like to think all these lines show the world I've laughed far more than my share. There's a song that says "All these lines across my face, tell you the story of who I am. So many stories of where I've been and how I got to where I am."  I'm not interested in erasing any years. I'll take the age spots, laugh lines and wrinkles. Just keep the years coming and I will continue to be grateful.     


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