The End of the World?

    Some guy has managed to find his 15 seconds of fame by declaring the world will end today. It's all over the media and it's a topic of conversation between a lot of people. Will it happen? Not unless God decides today is the day. The Bible clearly states that only the Father knows the day. Not even the angels know. And certainly none of us know.

One thing is for certain. It will happen one day. I'm afraid too many people are worried about the logistics of it all instead of the real question at hand. Are we ready? I find it interesting that people everywhere get excited about any hoopla that is stirred up about the end of the world. Just mention the book of Revelations and people are ready to dissect it and try to put it back together again to try to grasp some small piece of information that will give them a clue when the world may come to an end.

       Well, here is my unique take on the situation. You knew it was coming, didn't you? Whether or not the Lord returns today, tomorrow or 27 years, 16 days and 3.2 hours from now, He's coming back. It's a sure thing. There aren't many things in life you can count on but this is one of them. But more importantly, when am I going to meet Him? I have no idea. It could be any day, any moment. People get so caught up in the analytical war and spend their time arguing and defending their position. Don't forget we are all made of dust. And we aren't promised forever. People are born and people die. It's a fact of life. 

       So, I won't worry about the world ending today, although if I was 85 % sure, I wouldn't do all the housework I have to do.  But I will instead make sure when He's ready for me, I'm ready for Him...whenever that may be. I learned this little song when I was a child. "He's got the whole world in His hands...." It's true. And He's holding you and me in His hands too. Maybe we should concentrate on living and doing it well. Then we won't be caught by surprise no matter when He comes. 


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