First Post

Okay, I'm new at blogging. I'm not new at writing. I've been writing since I was old enough to hold a pencil in my fingers.  My earliest memories involve my love affair with words. Looking back, I really think it started with Moma reading to me. She always had time to read with me at night. When I was very young, she read to me about King Arthur and the knights of the Round Table and Sir Lancelot.  I looked forward to that time together and I think it started my love of reading. 

When I was around 6 years old one of my Christmas gifts was a thick composition book and I immediately started filling it with stories from my imagination. Okay, I didn't really have much of an imagination back then. All my stories were titled "This Is A Story About A....." You fill in the blank. There was my story about a horse, and my story about a lost dog. Then there was my story about a black cat and a doll that came to life when she was alone in the toybox. But, hey-- Pixar has made quite a lot of money with movies about toys coming to life. Maybe I was ahead of my time and just didn't know it. 
So here I am doing what I love most. Writing. I figure it will be a good thing. If nobody else enjoys it, I will. 

After all, I still have a lot to say. I just ran out of notebooks. : )


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