It's Spring

There's an episode of the old show, Green Acres, where Lisa Douglas wakes up one morning with the sun streaming through the windows and the birds chirping outside and screams with delight, "It's Spring!" Then she falls backward out of bed.

I feel like doing a back flip myself over this gorgeous weather. (Don't worry. I'm not going to try it. Nobody will be injured during the writing of this blog entry.) But the weather is amazing. Spring is my favorite time of year. I'm enjoying walks in the yard looking at the buds on my trees and bushes. 
Right now I'm listening to the wind chimes on my porch while I sit here typing. Neal knows that I love wind chimes and he usually finds a special one for me on every vacation we take. 
So this little blog today is a tribute to the simple things in life. I think a lot of people have the real meaning of life all mixed up. It's not about making more money or keeping up with the Jones family or having "brand new" things. Life is about so much more.  I wish you some of those things today: a bright, breezy afternoon, tinkling wind chimes and a tall glass of sweet iced tea. Life is good. It's Spring!!!


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